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Services: German-English-French

Translation and Interpreting Office Mag. Dorothea Sabirowsky in Hamburg-Volksdorf puts you through to conference interpreters in the area of Hamburg, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein. Translation and Interpreting services will be organized and completed in precision and speed. Moreover, there are connections with other translation offices all over the world. For exotic languages the office of MCIL Sabirowsky is a link to the exotic world. Your demand will be forwarded per mail and you will receive your translation per mail back. The provision of only 15 % will be deducted by transmitting the amount of invoice. Paypal is the way of international payment.

The Interpreting and Translation Freelancer MCIL Dorothea Sabirowsky organizes her office in Hamburg-Volksdorf:

  • for interpreting events in Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Lübeck, London and Paris.
  • conference interpreting with the technical equipment.
  • interpreting at court.
  • Translation teams with Trados Studio 2014 can execute your transaltion offer quickly.
  • Assermented translations for legal affairs in English and French.

You can contact Ms Mag. Dorothea Sabirowsky to fix an appointment per mobile 0157 37 68 18 78 or per SMS 0152 345 796 72 or Telephone: +49.40.6038498.

MCIL Dorothea Sabirowsky is the title of a freelancer who works independently. The title MCIL is a sign of having good experiences and references for interpreting on conferences in France and holding the Diploma of Translation IOL French-German. French in connection with German, the mother tongue, and English, the world language, is the idea of the translation office of MCIL Sabirowsky. Being member of the VÜD, BÜD and IOL teams can always been formed.

Simultaneous interpreting on different events like fairs and conferences

MCIL Dorothea Sabirowsky interpretes on conferences with the mother tongue German and the active foreign languages English and French and the passive language Spanish.

Conference interpreting and Court Interpreting:

  • Conference interpreting on fairs in Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin or London is possible, because of good traffic connections.
  • Sworn in interpreting for Courts
  • personal translation (whispered) during a discussion
  • Travelling will be organized with the lowest cost possible. Flights Hamburg-London, Hamburg-Malaga are with Ryanair possible. Busconnections Hamburg-Berlin guarantee easy and low cost connection.


  • Theological interpreting
  • Medical interpreting
  • Legal interpreting before Court
  • Interpreting for Marketing events
  • Business events interpreting
  • Interpreting and Translation for Agricultural fairs


According to your needs MCIL Dorothea Sabirowsky can organize:

  • your translation and certifying of your personal documents for your visa
  • your business voyage to Hamburg or France per telephone and mail
  • your introduction to foreign business partners
  • your translation of certificates and contracts for your business meetings
  • your telephone conversations and mail contacts
  • the interpreting during your business negotiations
  • the simultaneous interpreting of presentations and reports of foreign companies>
  • a team of two interpreters for the same language combination
  • technical devices like microphones and headphones for conferences
  • a church hall with with equipment for interpreting at a wedding
  • interpretation for your wedding ceremonie
  • translation of literature
  • simultaneous dictation and translation by telephone
  • minute taking for German and English conferences
  • completion of your translation order in English and French
  • completion of your translation from Spanish, Italian, French texts into German or English

Do you need a chinese interpreter or a japanese translator? Please call or write, I will put your translation demand through. MCIL Dorothea Sabirowsky office is a link between Hamburg and the World.

Please contact Mag. Dorothea Sabirowsky by email or by SMS on +49 (0) 152 345 796 72 or call per 0157 37 68 18 78.


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